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Fire Emblem + Text Posts
Part 2

Hyrule Warriors - Sheik vs Dark Zelda

Could I really change this ending?


After they were separated, Master Xehanort gave Ventus a few days to see if he would be responsive. During that time-in between physically and emotionally draining training-Vanitas sat with Ventus and would just stare at him for hours. Staring at his face which he thought was beautiful.

So this is what pure light looks like. He thought.

His hair, his eyes… He had none of these things. Ventus had a face that no one could resist. Not even Vanitas.

He held him close when it was cold and laid him in the shade when it was hot. He even protected him when the unversed came close to them. Despite it hurting him greatly. He did all this. Waiting for his first sign of waking up.

 But he never woke up… And Ventus was sent away to live out his final hours. Vanitas felt immense remorse for even existing while his true self was dying. Why was he brought into this world? He would rather die than led Ventus die. Because he truly loved him more than anyone. 


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